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How Much Electricity Does a Bounce House Use ?

Want to throw a bounce house party but not sure how much electricity will it cost to run the blower all day? The good news is that despite the size of the blower and the loud sound it makes it doesn't require much electricity to run. It will cost approx. $0.16 per hour to run a medium size bounce house blower. Our bounce houses, slides or obstacles come with (1) HP blower, (1.5) HP blower, or (2) HP blower. Check the chart below to see approx. cost of electricity required to operate each blower. This calculations are based on U.S. average cost of electricity at $0.14/ kWh.
Bouncer / Slidesmall to mid size bounce houseSmall to mid size bouncer or slidemid size to large bounce houseMid size to large combo or slidelarge slides and bounce housesBig slides, obstacles
Motor1 HP bounce House Blower Electricity Usage1 HP Blower1.5 HP bounce House Blower Electricity Usage1.5 HP Blower2 HP bounce House Blower Electricity Usage2 HP Blower
Wheel Speed3460 RPM3460 RPM3460 RPM
Max Air Volume 1170 CFM1290 CFM1430 CFM
Cycle60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Voltage115 V115 V115 V
Amps7.5 A9 A14 A
Wattage863 W1,035 W1,610 W
Cost / Hour$0.12/h$0.14/h$0.22/h
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