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On What Surface Do I Set My Bounce House?

It is preferable to set up a bounce house on a grassy surface. However, bounce houses can be setup on asphalt, concrete or bark. Flat surface and proper anchoring is required during set up. It is important to remove all sharp objects, rocks, sticks from the ground before setting up the bouncer. The bounce house should have plenty of open space from all sides. Make sure it is placed away from tree branches and power lines. If the bounce house is set up on a hard surface, a soft surface should be installed around the bounce house. Bounce house should not be used during rain or when winds exceed 20 miles per hour. If you are planning to use the bounce house indoors, it is important to place it away from walls and to make sure there is at least 2-3 feet space between the bounce house and ceiling. Soft surface around the entrance/exit to the bouncer is also required. Use sand bags to properly anchor your bounce house when setting it up inside or on a hard surface.
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