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What is the Number of People a Bounce House Can Support?

This is grossly depends on the size of a bounce house, water slides or whatever inflatable you use. The bigger the bounce house the more people can use it at a time. Standard 13x13 commercial bounce house can support from 4-8 participants depending on age and weight. Max allowed weight is 800 Lb. Bigger bounce houses such as 15x15 can support from 6-10 people with 1000 Lb. max weight capacity. 18 Ft single lane commercial inflatable slide can be used by 3 participants (2 climbing up 1 sliding down) while double lane can be used by up to 6 people (4 climbing up and 2 sliding down).
Bouncer / Slidenumber of people for bounce house13'x13' / 15'x15'number of people for single lane slide18' High Single Lane Slidenumber of people for double lane slideBig slides, obstacles
Wheel Speed4-8 / 6-10 Up to 3 RidersUp to 6 Riders
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