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Commercial Bounce Houses - Labor Day Sale !

clearance bounce house bouncy-house
Arch Style Castle Bouncy House # 1001
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
Compact Combo Balloon With Water Slide # MC005
Size: L:31 W:12 H:16
Wholesale Price
clearance bounce house jumps-sale
Sport Arena Jumper # 1007
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
clearance bounce house commercial-inflatable-combo-bouncer-MC006
Commercial Inflatable Combo Bouncer Mc006 # MC006
Size: L:31 W:12 H:15
Wholesale Price
clearance bounce house commercail-castle-bounce-house
Pink Princess Castle Commercial Bounce House # 1011
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
clearance bounce house moon-bounce
Rainbow Castle Moon Bounce # 1019
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
clearance bounce house bounce
Princess Castle Bounce # 1013
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
clearance bounce house commercial-jumpers-for-sale
Modular Commercial Jumpers For Sale # 1028
Size: L:13 W:13 H:14
Wholesale Price

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Let's face it – the old slip and slide just doesn't cut it anymore. If you really want to get serious about summertime fun then take a look at our inflatable water slides. These are a great way to provide hours of wet and wild fun for your kids. Or if you've got a party rental supply or bounce house business, you can really get a leg up on the competition by offering these as warm weather alternatives to bounce houses. Each of our commercial water slides come with a 3-year guarantee of quality. You won't find water slides at a better price with better service anywhere. Turn your backyard into a summertime oasis of fun with one of our water slides for sale now.

Front Load Dual Slide # 3073
Size: L:31 W:13 H:16
Wholesale Price
Inflatable Rock Climbing # 3072
Size: L:27 W:19 H:16
Wholesale Price
23 Ft Front Load Inflatable Water Slide # 2104
Size: L:68 W:13 H:23
Wholesale Price
21 Ft Front Load Tropical Water Slide # 2103
Size: L:40 W:13 H:21
Wholesale Price

How would you like to have a product that your kids love, allows you some time to yourself, helps your child get plenty of exercise, and was affordable? Then you've come to the right place! We have bounce houses for sale that can be used indoors, outdoors, and are suitable for any age. Today's kids spend too much time playing video and computer games or just sitting in front of the television. Give them a great alternative by investing in one of our many wholesale bounce houses. It's like having a carnival right in your back yard, shop or garage! Our commercial bouncers come in different shapes, sizes and themes. You won't find better quality commercial bounce houses anywhere that are backed by a rock solid 3-year guarantee. Your kids…and you deserve it.

Medieval Castle Bounce House # 1088
Size: L:13 W:13 H:14
Wholesale Price
Module Castle Commercial Bounce House # 1087
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
Rainbow Module Castle Commercial Bounce House # 1086
Size: L:13 W:13 H:15
Wholesale Price
Halloween Pumpkin Bounce House # 1085
Size: L:15 W:15 H:13
Wholesale Price

Our wholesale jumpers are the ultimate in fun! Our moonwalks for sale and other inflatable combo units will absolutely blow your kids' minds! They combine the fun of a bounce house and an inflatable slide all into one unit. These are the crème de la crème of the bounce house world. They are so diverse by conveniently combining an inflatable jumping area with a dry slide or water slide. That means they're perfect for year round use. Our moon jumps for sale will provide you and your entire family with years of entertainment and fun. At Bouncer Depot we offer over 30 jumper for sale at prices and quality the competition can't beat. Each of our inflatable jumpers for sale is made in the USA and backed by an ironclad 3-year guarantee.

Two Piece Bouncer Slide Combo # 3066
Size: L:15 W:24 H:14
Wholesale Price
Module Combo Castle Jumper # 3065
Size: L:31 W:13 H:14
Wholesale Price
Castle Modular Combo Jumper # 3064P
Size: L:36 W:13 H:14
Wholesale Price
Modular Balloon Combo Bounce House # 3063P
Size: L:33 W:12 H:14
Wholesale Price

Our obstacle courses and commercial inflatable play grounds are perfect for 4th of July events, county fairs, birthday parties, church gatherings, and any other event where you want something extra special happening. Obstacle courses and inflatable playgrounds are great for bigger kids and adults, and are designed to accommodate several people at one time. Imagine how much fun people will have at your event playing in an inflatable dodge ball arena or an inflatable snake shaped obstacle challenge! We also offer inflatable advertising balloons and inflatable arches for your business that are proven to drive customers to your location or offsite sale.

Inflatable Basketball # 5016
Size: L:14 W:10 H:13
Wholesale Price
Double Slide Obstacle # 4030
Size: L:27 W:31 H:15
Wholesale Price
Enclosed Inflatable Soccer Arena # 5015
Size: L:50 W:47 H:10
Wholesale Price
Double Course Inflatable Obstacle # 4029
Size: L:28 W:20 H:15
Wholesale Price

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Welcome to our web site! We'd like to take a few moments to introduce ourselves and explain to you what a partnership with Bouncer Depot means. We've been in the bounce house manufacturing business for over a decade. Our passion for the industry has allowed us to move to the forefront as the undisputed leader in manufacturing inflatable bounce houses. Operating out of our core values every single day has gotten us to the top…plus we love the fact that our products bring smiles to people all over the world. Our core values include:

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All of our slides, jumpers, obstacle courses are manufactured in the USA because we believe in creating products that are made to last. We're so obsessed with quality that we manufacture everything in our own factory right in Los Angeles, CA. We've got the largest selection of wholesale bouncers, inflatable water slides and obstacle courses in the industry. We also stand by our quality by being the only manufacturer in our industry that offers a full three-year warranty on all of our units INCLUDING WATER SLIDES. Our products are well known throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe. So whether you're shopping for personal use or making an investment in your business, you've come to the right place. We appreciate your business and wish you success in all of your endeavors. Check back often as we are constantly creating new designs and offering specials.

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