Bounce Houses, water slides, and obstacle courses come in different shapes and sizes, therefore each unit has its recommended blower. While regular commercial bounce houses can inflate within as little as 2-3 minutes this time can easily double on big water slides and obstacle courses. The blower provides continuous air flow during operation and can’t be turned off. Giant commercial bounce houses may have more than 1 blower. Some older combo units may require more power and additional blower as they get older. So how long it takes to blow up a bounce house depend on size and age of an inflatable.

You need to rent a bounce house for an upcoming festival for kids and grownups, of course. You’ve been to the mall and have seen how kids love giant inflatable buildings and structures, and jumping, sliding and bouncing on inflatable and commercial water slides. For your approaching fest, you believe that this is the best way to entertain the kids while you make up for lost time with their oldies who’d be more interested in the barbeque. With a portable amusement park which easily inflates or deflates, you can introduce the kids, and yes, adults too, to a variety of fun things to do. And what’s even better, bounce houses are easy to transport and store, and are safe and colorful.  And so, having considered all that, the next step is to know how much renting a commercial bounce house would cost.
In Long Beach, California, for an 8 hour rental of castle bounce house, for instance, expect to pay 99 dollars excluding delivery and installation charges which may starts from $25 up. Extensions are also possible for an additional fee – for instance, overnight extensions may cost an additional $25.  There are cheaper bounce houses and inflatables such as the Fun House which cost $70 for 8 hours. Mini-bouncers start at $65. If budget and space are no problem, you can opt for bigger bouncers and therefore more fun.
Prices slightly vary from coast to coast, city to city. In New York City, bouncy houses start from $150 for a regular rental plus add-ons for overnight options, deliveries and installations. Some companies offer free installations and deliveries. Newer models, of course, offer more fun with their updated bouncy house and inflatable unit designs and cost more. For really big items such as 56 Ft Obstacle Course prices start at $400.00. The even bigger 22 ft. high Tropical Water Slide the prices start from $550.  Not too cheap but they are a guaranteed treat for your guests. These prices are just what you’d expect to pay in average in other states as well.

Bounce houses are a fun item that kids and adults can enjoy when they are at functions. Below are some essential maintenance tips that you can use to ensure that your moon bounce are lasting you a long time and giving customers a lot of fun memories.

Only Allow Kids of the Proper Age in the Moon Bounce

Most of the inflatables for children are only suitable for kids up to age 10. It’s also important to consider weight, since children who are over the maximum limit can also cause damage. Follow the weight and age limits that are mentioned by the manufacturer. (more…)

If you have made the decision to rent out inflatable jumper, also known as bounce houses, one of the things you’ll have to do is to figure out your pricing structure. To do this, there are four main things that you want to do so that you know how much to charge your customers.

Consider the Size:

When you are setting your rental prices, one thing to consider is the size of the bounce house. After all, you will pay more to purchase larger houses, so it will make sense that you will rent them for more. Also a larger house will mean that more kids can enjoy playing in it. So that will also cost more. (more…)

So you have started a bounce house rental business and you want to tell everyone about it. Below are some places that you can advertise your business so that everyone knows about it.

  • Website:

The first thing that you should do is to create a website. This is where you can post pictures of your bounce houses, your prices, and even post some blogs related to birthday parties and other functions during which people use bounce houses. (more…)

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