Bounce houses offer great opportunities for children and likewise adults to have fun at events while engaging in physical activities. These activities often serve as workouts for people as they jump up and down in the bounce castle. Consequently, they always look forward to events that offer them this exciting opportunity.

If you’re in the party rental business, there are certain factors you need to consider when planning to buy a commercial bounce house if you really want to keep your customers happy. People who patronize you do so with the intention to make their guests enjoy every moment of their party and then go home with sweet memories. Anything short of these will make them feel disappointed.


All rental companies should have a good selection of inflatable water slides from which clients can choose. They are a great add on to any birthday party or special event because they keep kids entertained for hours. High quality and durable inflatable water slides can be purchased by rental companies to keep in inventory and bring joy to families.


Maybe you are wondering what the most popular bounce house is for a party this summer.

Are you thinking about starting a rental business for commercial inflatables? You will need to know which models are the most popular for your business plan. Knowing the most popular will help your business do well with rentals.

Here is what our research found on which commercial inflatables are the most popular, we have also presented an alternative as well.

The 5 most popular

Below is the list of the 5 most popular commercial bounce houses for sale for 2017. Our research of the top 5 should help you determine which one(s) you wish to invest in for your business, or which one to rent for your event.


The party was a smashing success! You booked two new clients for future birthday parties, your client and family were thrilled with your theme, set-up and even the cost of it all. Now it is time to break it all down and store your bounce house water slide for the next gig. The key here is to do it properly because the last thing you want is a moldy inflatable water slides.

Commercial Slide

Certainly, you wipe down all your tables and chairs, take your linens to be washed, place decorations in tubs so they are organized for the next event. But what to do with the commercial inflatable water slide? Here are steps to follow so that your water unit will be ready for the next party in tip top shape.


The first step is to detach the water source and if it has a detachable misting unit, take that off as well. This will prevent any accidental punctures of your waterslide when you roll it up. Keep the blower running though, as the air pressure helps get the water out.



When you buy your first commercial bounce houses to start a rental business, no one describes the business details. You received instructions on setup, safety, and care, but no one explains the best way to market your company. No lawyer pops out to explain how to file incorporation papers, or what insurance coverage you need. Here are some things you need to know to protect your bounce house rental business from a lawsuit.


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