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Bouncer Depot is your one-stop shop for Inflatables. It is your key to all the fun you have been waiting for. Not only do we offer high-quality bounce houses but a wide variety so you can enjoy just the way you want. If you are looking for bounce houses for sale, water slides, commercial water slides, and jumpers for sale, you have reached the right website.

A History of Bouncer Depot

Bouncer Depot was founded in 1998. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to creating value for our clients. Regardless of being private or commercial customers, we ensure the fun they seek with inflatable bounce houses. Our wide and colorful variety of commercial inflatables have been designed to meet the highest standards associated with this industry. Our continuous hard work and priority for quality and safety have earned us a well-established reputation among the customers. We are proud that we have long-term relationships with many bounce house rental businesses. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed by the industry either. We are considered as a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of bounce houses, commercial water slides and other commercial inflatables.

Our Mission

The mission at Bouncer Depot is quite simple. We believe in manufacturing the fun of bounce houses to all our customers but with high levels of safety as well. Bounce Depot is one of the leading bounce house manufacturers for the USA and other countries. It is our aim to be considered a mark of quality in the inflatable goods industry. At Bounce Depot, we believe in a certain set of values and follow them strictly to uphold the standards of quality commercial bounce houses and service our clients expect. Each value has been implemented to create value for both our customers and employees.

High-Quality Products

With paying attention to maintaining and improving quality of our bounce houses, jumpers, and water slides, we will not have been able to build the reputation we have today. No matter what the inflatable product our customers buy, they can always be assured that they are manufactured using the best-quality material. We are so precise about the standards of quality applied that all products are directly manufactured in Los Angles, California.

Developing the Largest Collection

We believe that clients should be able to find what they exactly looking for at our shop. Therefore, we are very precise about developing the largest collection possible. Whether you need commercial or residential inflatables, we can offer the widest variety. We have highly colorful and fun water slides, jumpers, and bounce houses for sale.

Quality Aesthetics

One of the best features that clients look for in bounce houses is the aesthetic prints. We use the best-quality digital imaging printers to apply colorful and mood-inspiring images onto our inflatable products. We also use hand painting and airbrushing techniques. Each product features the images that will just add more to the fun element. For commercial purposes and those bought to amuse kids, this feature is highly important. We ensure that our digital printing can bring more life to the entire experience.

Affordable Prices

Within the local inflatable industry, we are offering some of the most affordable prices for bounce houses and other inflatable items in our shop. We want our clients to feel comfortable in buying within budget without compromising on the quality they want. Bounce Depot has always been highly customer-oriented and this is just another great feature that has won the hearts of customers. Whether you require a bulk order for an amusement park or a bounce house for your backyard, you will find that you can make then happen without burdening your budget. Bounce Depot also offers a price match guarantee.

The Custom Order Feature at Bounce Depot

In case you have browsed our website and can’t find what you are looking for, then you can always use the customized order service. This is a great feature to enjoy for commercial clients who want to build their brand or private clients who want something special. We ensure to maintain the same level of quality and durability for all custom-made orders. You can trust us to build a final product that meets your exact demands. Customized order service is also available at reasonably affordable prices. Once you have bought from us, you will experience not just great products but an amazing buying experience. We already have loyal customers; especially in the commercial sector who keep ordering from us. We also plan to add more designs and better obstacle courses to our existing product line. If you want to find quality, durable, and affordable bounce houses, commercial water slides, and jumpers, Bounce Depot has got you covered.

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Payment Methods

Please note that we constantly update our website with new products and additions. We also frequently change and upgrade our existing line of products and therefore the pictures illustrated in the website may not reflect the latest changes. Be sure to ask your sales representative if there have been any changes or additions to the item(s) you are considering purchasing.