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   For most of you, summertime is associated with a vacation, time when people put aside their work, their worries and troubles, and enjoy precious moments of rest with their families, friends and beloved ones. Very few of you, however, realize that summer is a great time to earn some extra cash. Imagine how many times you have heard thrilled screams of your neighbors’ kids, when they rode inflatable slidesbounce house, etc. Or maybe you have heard about a huge playground at the country fair everyone was so excitedly talking about. How many times has it crossed our mind: what does it take to actually do something like this? Is it easy to open a rental business of inflatable moonwalks? Can I do it on my own? Is it hard to set up such a massive inflatable structure? Will I have difficulties renting these bouncers out? How much money do I even need to buy such a jumper? How much money will I make by renting out a bounce house? Even these few questions may already overwhelm your mind. Nevertheless, you have already brought yourself to realize that the inflatable fun business is something you would like to do. So, the next step would be to find professionals, who will render a diligent service, while assisting you in your venture, become your trusted partner and walk with you, side-by-side all the way to the success. The choice is obvious; you need someone who has passed the test of time, taken the pride of industry leadership for over a decade now, proven themselves as a brand. You need someone like Bouncer Depot.

Being a proud member of the crew, I would like to share my expertise with all those guys, who are as passionate about inflatable jumpers as we in the Bouncer Depot are. Being in the business for sixteen years now, we have constantly improved our products. Using cutting edge technology, employing a great team of designers, demonstrating innovative approach has helped us not only thrive in this business, but also speak the word of fashion. We have been the first company to use zippers for faster deflation of inflatable structures, heavy-duty vinyl with glossy coating. As I mentioned before, I would like to share with our experience firstly by answering the questions brought up earlier in the article.
 What does it take to actually start something like this?
All it takes is relatively small investment of money and time and huge commitment to the idea of bringing joy to your community.

 Is it easy to open a rental business of inflatable moonwalks?
It is relatively easy to operate an inflatable rental business. Of course, it is recommended to establish a legal business entity, for this instance a Sole Proprietorship or DBA will be just fine. Also, you may need to deal with liability insurance. For some states, it is imperative to pass certain inspections of inflatable structures. As one of the benefits you may get with your purchase, we will provide you with a professionally compiled template of rental agreement, which may save you few hundreds of dollars in legal consultations.

 Is it hard to set up such a massive structure? Can I do it on my own?
Yes, you can. Of course, the size and the weight of the structure may vary. However, the more you do it, the more proficient you will become. Ultimately, you will learn to set up and remove any bounce house or inflatable structure in a matter of few minutes.

 Will I have difficulties renting these things out?
As in every start-up business, you will put significant efforts in advertising your services. It may mostly be by means of a word of mouth, fliers, and yellow pages. We will offer you a more sophisticated solution in you marketing efforts. As a part of any purchase we offer detachable banners with the name and contact information of your business. Also, we input the name of your business into our nationwide database of inflatable rental companies, which will ensure you guaranteed calls even before you are set up to start your business.

 How much money do I even need to buy a jumper?
Obviously, there is no best answer to this question. Bouncer Depot has a large variety of inflatable products for different age groups and price categories. Some businesses start with just one bounce house rental, and then due to their advertising efforts gradually expand by acquiring more inflatable structures, combo units or slides. Others prefer to purchase few inflatable units at once to immediately capture a large share in their local market. For those, we have conveniently designed and currently offer a number of packages, which are comprised of at least three inflatable units. Being a manufacturer we have a flexibility of customizing our packages as well as granting substantial discounts and other benefits. No matter, how much money you have decided to invest in your venture, be sure that it will pay-off in a matter of few months.

 How much money will I make doing this?
The price range for renting inflatable structures varies dramatically in different states all across the US. As an example, regular 13x13 units can be rented within the range of $ 80-$180 per day, while bigger and sophisticated structures may be available for renting for $ 600-$800 per day.

 The idea of inflatable structures first incepted in 1960s in Louisiana, and ever since that time has become popular in the US and all over the world. Presently, it is hard to imagine any public event, community involvement, birthday or holiday without those colorful, noisy and big inflated monsters. The idea of the inflatable has become particularly fascinating given the ease of use.

 So, have you become interested yet? For more hands on advice please seek assistance from our sales professionals. Here, in Bouncer Depot we are excited to bring you to our big family and make you a part of it. Whether you shop for a personal use or to start a business, we will make sure to offer you the best choice of inflatable structures here in Bouncer Depot, where the home of American Inflatables is!

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