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Commercial VS Residential Bounce House


When deciding whether to purchase a commercial bounce house or a residential bounce house, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. For example, what type of occasion are you using it for? How many people may use it? How often will you use it? If you are looking for a bounce house that young kids can play on at home, a residential bounce house is the way to go. If you need a bounce house that can be used by adults or be rented out for regular use at events, a commercial bounce house is your best option.


The capacity and weight limits for residential and commercial bounce houses should be taken into consideration when making your decision. Residential bounce houses generally have a capacity of up to 5 children under 100 pounds, with a max weight limit around 500 pounds. Commercial bounce houses are perfect for a party rental business, an indoor playspace, or school and church events looking for a fun way to entertain guests. Commercial bounce houses can typically hold 6 to 8 adults weighing over 100 pounds. The biggest bounce house at Bouncer Depot will support a max weight limit of 1,000 pounds. Our commercial bounce houses are designed to sustain heavy, rigorous use and have been used at large events like The Dirty Dash, as well as the U.S. Army, and various Hollywood movie production firms.


The key difference between commercial and residential bounce houses is the quality and durability of the materials used in the manufacturing process. Residential bounce houses are made of nylon or lightweight vinyl material and can be more prone to wear and tear. Commercial bounce houses are made of heavy duty, commercial grade vinyl material. In addition to heavy duty material, our commercial bounce houses consist of several reinforcements and are double, triple and sometimes quadruple stitched to ensure longevity. If you have a custom project that needs additional safety measures to enhance the durability and strength of the bounce house, our representatives will be more than happy to work with you to create a custom bounce house.


The weaker manufacturing process and lower grade material used in residential bounce houses poses many risks when compared to commercial bounce houses. For example, residential bounce houses are more prone to tearing from items objects like shoes, jewelry or glasses. The tearing can cause quick deflation and possible result in injury to guests. Residential bounce houses weigh much less than commercial bounce houses and if not staked into the ground properly, can be affected by unexpected winds. Since commercial bounce houses are much heavier, this is less of a threat.


Another major difference between commercial and residential bounce houses is life span. Stronger, more durable material means a longer life span of the product. Residential bounce houses have a typical life span of one or two years. The bounce houses at Bouncer Depot can last seven to eight years! With heavy use in mind, our commercial inflatables are backed with a three year seam to seam warranty - one of the longest warranties in the market.

At Bouncer Depot, we have a wide variety of commercial bounce houses ranging in price from $1,000 - $9,000. While this price is more than residential bounce houses, the difference is made up in capacity, quality, and lifespan. A commercial bounce house is your ticket to entertaining more people in more places for a longer time. Check out our products page to find the perfect bounce house for your next event!

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