If you’re one of those business minded individuals who enjoy working at various events, then you may want to start a bounce house rental business. Bounce house rental businesses are not only profitable but also have relatively low startup costs. Let’s face it, kids love these, and thus you can easily make this into a great business opportunity. Here are a few tips that will help guide you in starting up a bounce house rental business.

Where Can You Store Your Bounce Houses?

rolled bounce houses

The average size of rolled bounce house is 4’x4x5’. You can store it in your garage or backyard. You can store them outside in your backyard since commercial bounce houses are made from heavy duty vinyl which is water proof and fire retardant. Just make sure to cover them with a tarp so water doesn’t get inside of your bounce house during rain or snow.

Is There Any Demand For Bounce House Rentals?


Absolutely! As we mentioned earlier, it’s safe to say that most kids want one for their birthday party. But that’s not all; you will see that these bounce houses can also  be used at fundraisers as well as corporate events, among others. They are amazing and very handy too, which offers quite the convenience and help that you will like and enjoy quite a lot.

Get Proper License & Insurance


You will need to be properly licensed in your state before you can start up your bounce house business. Be sure that you are complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Depending on where you live, you’ll also need to get insurance and permits to operate your rental business. Most commercial bounce house businesses operate as a Sole Proprietorship but speak with a business professional before you set up your business. Consult an attorney to prepare a rental agreement or liability waiver.

Invest In a Truck or Trailer


A truck and/or trailer is another important piece of equipment you’ll need. You and your team will be delivering, installing, and taking down your bounce house every time it’s rented. That requires vehicles that can safely haul your bouncy house.

Purchase Different Sizes of Bounce Houses

commercial bounce house packages

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to bounce houses because your services may be needed by a few or a lot of people. By having at least three different sizes available, you can rent out your services to meet the needs of your customers. That way, you can have package prices for small birthday parties up to large public events. By having different package prices, you can increase your base of potential customers and book more events.  You’ll want to find the best commercial bounce houses for sale in your area. At Bouncer Depot, we offer huge variety of commercial bounce house packages. Our bounce houses are made right here in the USA and backed with a three-year warranty which means you never have to worry about purchasing low quality, potentially dangerous bounce houses for your customers. However, whether you choose our bounce houses or if you opt for someone else’s, always choose quality over costs. Your bounce houses will get plenty of wear, so think ahead before you make a decision.

Invest in Local Advertisement

bounce house advertisement channels

Your main target audience is parents of young children, so be sure to advertise in local newspapers, along with the internet using search engine optimization (SEO). A social media presence,Facebook ads, Google AdWords and other similar promotional services will also help. One highly effective means of reaching parents is with flyers placed in day care, pre-school, and elementary school buildings. By focusing your advertising efforts locally, you can really build up a strong customer base for your bounce house rentals.

Bounce House Financing

bounce house financing

Considering financing? You can get a loan from your bank or credit union to make your initial purchase. Make sure the financing cost is not too high and it makes sense to go through this route. Here are some bounce house financing companies you can try.


Opening a bouncy house rental business is exciting and can be a great part-time job. As a manufacturer, we proudly offer a large selection of commercial bounce houses for sale to get you started. Check out our selection and use these tips to get your business started on the right foot.

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