On a hot summer day, nothing is better than sitting in your own backyard relaxing in the cool water of your own private pool.  Many Americans have pools in their backyards whether it is expensive in ground style or just an inflatable kid’s pool. Enjoying your weekends in the convenience of your own backyard can be the perfect way to create great family memories.  Pools are great but are not the only option for your own private outdoor entertainment anymore. (more…)

If you are a party rental company owner who is searching for quality but inexpensive commercial bounce house for sale, it’s important to think of several key attributes that will determine whether or not the jumper or inflatable slide in question will actually be worth buying. Buying a jumper is a huge expense – the average jumper that you will find on the market will cost thousands of dollars. Since it is a huge expense, you need to learn how to find the very best water slides for sale, as well as the most worthwhile inflatable jumpers on the market. Here are some good tips to get you started. (more…)

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