Bouncer Depot, a Commercial Bounce Wholesaler and Manufacturer based in Los Angeles, CA recently launched an initiative to educate and connect with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to rent or offer commercial bounce houses for sale to their customers.

“Adding new bounce houses or commercial inflatable water slides to your inventory can be risky business if you choose the wrong wholesale dealer,” says Steve Johnson, Business Development Director. “We are passionate about our products and helping our clients with all of their inflatable needs, whether they specialize in commercial rentals or sales.”

Steve Johnson continued, “While some business owners might be inclined to buy their bounce houses from China manufacturers, there are a lot of reasons not to. My responsibility is to help them understand why this business decision costs them more in the long run.”

What You Need To Know About Chinese Bounce House Manufacturers

1) Fake product Images, Quality and Inspection
Many Chinese bounce house manufacturers just copy images of products they don’t manufacture and add it to their website. When customers receive their product, they’re disappointed because it’s a cheap knockoff of a product shown in the image. Customer satisfaction is not their top priority, and communications can be challenging due to Time Zone differences and other factors.

2) Warranty, Shipping, Returns and Exchange
Other concerns worth mentioning include complications and delays with shipping, returns, and exchanges when dealing with Chinese vendors. In many cases, shipping an unwanted item back to its origination port costs more than the item itself, so it isn’t worth doing.

3) Local state laws and regulations
You should also be mindful that each state has different bounce house rules and regulations. Most Chinese Inflatable manufacturers are not aware of the existence of these laws. Therefore they don’t pass the inspection. Unfortunately, the Customer is the last to find out when they try to buy insurance coverage for their product and get denied.

4) Commercial vs residential grade
Frequently, the term “commercial grade” gets used by many vendors who offer commercial bounce house for sale. Many manufacturers misrepresent the phrase claiming they use 18 oz. vinyl. While heavy duty vinyl is a must feature for any commercial bounce house it isn’t only factor to consider when making a buying decision. There are plenty of cheap bounce houses intended for a max use of 1 year using this grade of material.

5) Safety and Liability
Inflatable Water Slides and Bounce Houses are for kids, so you want to make sure your product is safe and durable at all times. Unlike a manufacturer from China who gets to relinquish all responsibility for the product has left their facility, US-based commercial bounce house manufacturers are held accountable for all defects and liabilities. For rental companies, this poses the additional risk of being held responsible for an imported product, including all manufacturing and design defects in case of injury.

Inflate Your Business With Bouncer Depot

If you are ready to “Pump Up” your Inflatable business, do it with a US-Based Company you can trust. At Bouncer Depot, Customer Satisfaction is at the core of our operations. We go the extra mile to help our clients before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. If you have questions about anything related to your purchase, whether it’s finding an insurance company, guidance on proper setup, or even marketing strategies, we’re there with answers.

The average lifespan of Bouncer Depot Inflatable Products is eight years with a three-year warranty on all products, including Water products. Unlike Chinese vendors, this warranty covers two-way shipping costs for the first six months and one way shipping up to 1 year.

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