If you have ever rented an inflatable bounce house for one of your own parties the thought has probably crossed your mind as to how to get into the commercial bounce house rental business. Many people ask us to go over why a bounce house rental business is such a great one to get into.

When in the bounce house business you are not just selling or renting a product, you are bringing fun, and at times contributing to a family’s lifelong memories (I know that’s a little sappy, but it’s true). The bounce house rental business is also great because how hard you work is up to you. You can take on the rental business full time with multiple units, or start off with just one bounce house and have a nice little side business.
18 ft Double Lane Slide and Slip

Whether you are getting into the rental business full time or just part time it is important to find bounce houses for sale that are of commercial quality. We also believe it is smart to purchase from a company that stands behind their product. Any company that you purchase from should have a variety of products to choose from and also have the popular inflatable water slides for sale.

With the low start-up costs and overhead now are a great time to get into the bounce house rental business. If you start with just one unit it doesn’t take that many rentals to make your money back and think of the fun you will be providing.

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