We have all seen them, the inflatable bounce houses for kids, but are they really safe?

Theses inflatable fun houses are not just for young kids either, teens and even adults can now play in these as well.

So as a parent how do you keep your family safe while still having fun?
Bounce Houses is Safe

Proper set up of inflatables

It is important that the setup of bounce houses be done properly, especially since people can buy them without having to be a professional entertainment company.

When it comes to entertainment companies, not all new hires or new companies have been properly trained in setting up inflatables.

How do professionals do it?

When securing the inflatable it is important to use 30 to 40-inch heavy duty metal stakes. Anchors should be every 5 feet. Sandbags can be used with the proper weight in addition to the anchors in order to make sure the bounce house is secured to the ground.

Wind conditions play a part in whether or not an inflatable should be used. Many manufacturers say winds 25 mph is the time to stop use and bring users out of the inflatable.

Now if you are out you obviously cannot tell how fast the wind is blowing so here is a tip; if the wind is blowing hard enough to flutter your clothes like a flag, it is time to get out of the bounce house and shut it down, as the wind is picking up. At this point, a quick gust could easily exceed 20 or 25 mph.

What to look for before allowing children to jump in

Here are some things to look at before allowing your child to jump into an inflatable;

  • Is there an adult supervising?
  • Check the anchors, are they plastic or metal?  Are they 5 feet apart? Have any sandbags been used?
  • How many children are using it at one time?
  • Do the children have anything sharp on their clothing? Do they have shoes on?
  • Judge the wind speed. If your clothes are fluttering like a flag it is time to get out.

Before the child enters do a checklist

Before you allow your child or another child enter into the bouncy house check the following things;

  • Is the child old enough?
  • Does the child have a drink, gum, candy?
  • Does the child’s clothing have anything that could cause injury?
  • Has the child removed their shoes?
  • If it is another child ask the parent if the child has any medical issues such as; heart problems, asthma, bronchitis, circulatory problems, joint or muscle issues.

Rules for children and play inside

Be sure each child understands the rules of play inside the inflatable jumper, which should consist of;

  • No pushing
  • No wrestling
  • No sharp objects in pockets such as pens
  • No shoes inside playhouse
  • No food or drinks inside playhouse
  • No roughhousing

Explain to children if they do not follow the rules they will not be able to play in the bounce house.

Be prepared to set an amount of time that the child cannot go back in for such as 10 minutes if they are found not following rules, if it happens again, they will not be able to return to play inside at all.

Hiring a commercial bounce house rental company

Now, if you hire an entertainment service for the commercial inflatable please check to make sure that they also have insurance. Understand what their insurance covers and talk to your insurance agent about what else you need for homeowners insurance in order to have the proper coverage.

Starting an inflatable business with safety in mind

Many people want to own their own business which is great, even moms who want to be able to spend more time with the kids while earning money are looking for an opportunity to start a business.

One such opportunity is the commercial bounce house rental business; however, you must make sure that you set it up with safety in mind.

Yes, you need a business plan to start with. That business plan needs to show that you can make money with the investment of commercial inflatables.

When you market your business you want to be able to show that you and your employees have had safety training. This shows that you are a not only professional but concerned for the safety of the people using the inflatable.

Where can you find training?

Certified training is not horribly expensive and the investment of training that gives you a certificate will help you grow your business.

So where can you get training? There are probably many places; however, you want to make sure that it provides a certificate at the end of the training. One such place is SIOTO, where there are two levels.

Each employee who will be setting up equipment, attending the equipment during the event and the business owner(s) should all have enough training to be proficiently safety trained.

It will help your business a great deal with your customers and your insurance company. Your insurance company looks at safety training as a plus when it comes to possible accidents that would be a payout for the insurance company. You have to remember you are buying insurance to cover what might happen and the insurance company is basically hedging that those things will not happen in order to make money, so if you and your employees have safety training the insurance company likes the lower risk.


Even though there have been a few recent mishaps with inflatable bounce houses, they can be safe entertainment for your children.

With due diligence on your part as a parent, you can find a safe inflatable bounce house toy for your child. Just remember if you are hosting a party with an inflatable to check with your homeowner’s insurance agent to make sure you have the correct coverage in the correct amount.

If you are looking at starting and inflatable toy business then safety training that provides a certificate can go a long way to help cut down on insurance costs. It will also help you expand your client list.

Remember, to have a checklist for setup, as well as for kids before they enter the inflatable, this will also help ensure their safety.

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