Bounce houses are a fun item that kids and adults can enjoy when they are at functions. Below are some essential maintenance tips that you can use to ensure that your moon bounce are lasting you a long time and giving customers a lot of fun memories.

Only Allow Kids of the Proper Age in the Moon Bounce

Most of the inflatables for children are only suitable for kids up to age 10. It’s also important to consider weight since children who are over the maximum limit can also cause damage. Follow the weight and age limits that are mentioned by the manufacturer.

Make Sure all Shoes and Sharp Objects are Removed

Since shoes and sharp objects such as jewelry and keychains can damage the inflatables, it’s important that they are removed before the person enters the moon bounce. Otherwise, not only can the bounce house be damaged but others in it can be injured.

Inspect Them for any Tears

When it is returned, make sure that you are inspecting it for any tears in the fabric. Small tears can be repaired quickly. But if you let a small tear go, it can get bigger and may get beyond repair.

Properly Clean & Sanitize Them

The unit needs to be cleaned after every use. This is started by vacuuming the inside. Once it’s vacuumed, rub the fabric gently using soapy water and a soft brush or sponge. Be very careful when you are doing this since otherwise it can become damaged. Refer to the manufacturer instructions regarding the proper cleaning solution.

If you rent out inflatable houses, maintenance is essential to your business. Use these tips to help your business to flourish and to thrive. Take good care of your bounce houses and you will have many satisfied and repeat customers.

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