slide-the-city-1What would you do, if someone called you and asked you to build what would be arguably the world’s largest inflatable water slide? If you’re anything like the team at Bouncer Depot you jump at the opportunity and the end result is so much more than you could ever have imagined.

When mega event planner and long time client of Bouncer Depot, John Malfatto contacted Tiffany at Bouncer Depot Inc to discuss his new event Slide The City, he already had the date set and it was roughly 4 weeks away! Not to mention the fact that it was at the height of the busiest time of year for manufacturing inflatable’s so the lead time for making new orders was already 3 weeks long. This would normally be perfect timing for a regular inflatable purchase. But this was no ordinary inflatable! What they needed for Slide The City was a 1,000ft long dual lane inflatable slide with a 75ft long pool at the end. To put that in perspective, imagine the length of roughly 3 & 1/2 football fields. Yikes!

With the help of city officials in Salt Lake City, Utah who opened their doors and shut an entire city street down, Slide The City had a mega-successful launch with over 3,500 riders in attendance and the event is picking up steam all over the US and internationally. For more info on the event visit and to build your own custom inflatable creation (no matter how improbable) call us at 877-577-7119.

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