While searching for bounce houses for sale, of course, one of the main issues is its quality. Which is the best bounce house? The market is full of commercial bounce houses and choosing the best one is a bit difficult.


Today commercial grade inflatable bouncers are available not only online but in stores as well. There are several websites offering bounce houses and inflatable water slides for sale. One of the main points you have to consider while choosing a bounce house is the quality and durability of its material. (more…)

Bouncer Depot is a leading inflatable jumper manufacturer located in Los Angeles, California. We have been in the business for more than ten years and were offering exceptional inflatable products to our customers. The long years of experience are the result of having modern technology and an outstanding team of designers, who demonstrate an innovative approach to fulfill and satisfy customers’ demands. All commercial inflatable products are made in the United States, giving us the capability of ensuring high quality of our products. Bouncer Depot uses durable materials to make sure we create and manufacture long lasting inflatable jumpers. (more…)

Bouncer Depot is a Direct Manufacturer offering huge selections of commercial inflatable bouncers at wholesale prices for more than ten years now. Being the leading manufacturer of inflatable, we are using modern technology and employing an excellent team of designers that demonstrate a new and original approach to products. (more…)

The demand for inflatable moonwalks for sale is growing day after day. It is practically impossible to imagine any kids party without a giant inflatable play structure. Moon Bouncer is only one of the different names inflatable bouncers are known by. Names such as moonwalks, jump houses and moon jumpers are also used in the industry, and finally, they are also called jumpers and bouncers. (more…)

If you are an event organizer that plans birthdays, anniversaries and special events, then you know how important it is for potential clients to have a bounce house during their special event.


Another thing that you should know though is that it is wise to invest your money on a high quality commercial inflatable jumper that you will be able to use for a long time. After all, you do not want to fill your inventory with lots of low-quality products that are not attractive and even worse, not safe. (more…)

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